galactic design

we will have do    work on a whole new way of dealing with our world !

being just nice .... is not going to do > being all tolerant doesnt work long term
shurely not > being aggressive > or being intolerant .......

we will have to be honest > in every way >
so we will have       a public reality
to be using for our judgements > for our life !

to be doing what is working for just a few years >
will kill us all in the long run !

we will have to check out every possibility >
for making the right decisions on a long term basis

we will have to ask ourself in every thing we are doing >
what will in mean for us ...... in a million years ?

galactic design

no more wars !

all those wars of the last and this century >
could have been avoided !

if it was not .... for the intrinsic inability >
of the american government to have any meaningful discussion !

because .... 
the apathetic are voting this very inability into power >
those providing ..... finnaly this destructive power for them !

because they have not learned any thing from being powerless >
they are having only their graving for finnaly having power !

they want free dom > from any one telling them the truth >
about their .... this aspiration of insane power !

about their dream being in reality a night mare !
no one can believe what they want .... 

because it will end in a .... this global destruction !

because if every one will live the american way of death
we will be needing a new planet every few years 

not to having our climate flip around > 
not to be running out of resources .....

only idiots and criminals want to be free > 
homo sapiens want to build on their inteligent future !

on their wisdom > coming from confrontation with reality
not wilding power > to avoiding this very useful reality ....

world war 1 would not have been ... if there had been talks !
about no threaty being secretly negotiated .... before hand  

if the german government would have known 
that the united states would be helping england 
because the uk would be helping france .....

we would not be finding this war in history books today !

even world war 2 > could have been avoided ! 
if the end of ww 1 had not been so defamely terminated !

and after the wtc .... that could have been avoided 
if the american people had not been so awfully defaming again
the president of these united states
should have had a talk with obl .....

and would have found out > what made this man so hate freedom 

this freedom from any responsibility > 
this freedom from any honorable life on earth
this freedom from an inteligent economy 

and after this ... 
the president would have known ... these facts of life !
he could have prevented all the wars of this century ! 

could have prevented all this destruction 
having no meaning > having its source in the greedy insanity 

that was from the beginnig of those united states 
the source of all those problems today ........

because no one can live an honorable life today 
because these united states are evil in their very heart !

and their very quality .... to avoid ... finding this out !

just look at the carbage containers every where on this planet 
all full of meaningless things from those meaningless destructions !

just take a look > at these causualties of all these wars 
the dying and the already dead ....

no more wars !

we have to talk > serious talks ! .... meaningful ....

because this time > there can be no more war . period !
because we would have no more even short term " winners " > 
just to be loosing every thing .....

because every destruction now ... will be meaning more co�

will be meaning 300' of sea level rise at the end !
the end of civilisation as we know it .....

will mean less resources for all those millions of years to come !

we will have to settle thing a whole different way now .....
we will have to start being a whole world of homo sapiens !

having learned real wisdom > not the avoidance of any confrontation of any discussion ..... having the real dream of an inteligent life > not this night mare of bragging .... wilding around with power .... nothing else will bring any thing ...... for any body at the end ..... galactic nation

if words are hollow ... as they are every where >
if they are only used to making propaganda for the destruction of this world
to be destroying every human !

then ... this can not be a homo sapiens population
but simply a pest ... a lowly animal tribe >

being organized as a criminal conceit procurement !

galactic development

the philosophy of proadesign ......

is not to sail around faster in circles !

not to make the fastest ocean crossing >
then jetting on back with your american airlines ...

but to provide an efficient transport
for finding new ways

to be more responsible .....

live a more sustainable ... meaning an inteligent life
to being satisfied with your existence !

at the end ....

not being a member of the masses of insanity
because those are obviously the problem !

fritz roth

the reality .....

there are billions of insane on this planet !
counting all their causualties .... their victims .... their following .....

just look at what they are eating > drinking !
at their entertainment > their driving around all over .....

damaging their heath physical and mental at every step !

and even more damaging > their producing ... their shopping things >
that are not made for lasting a million years >
but just days .....

they are all junkies > who ... like the real drug users > products of organized crime >
will waste every thing to get on their >>> drug !

wasting the environment > wasting the planetary resources !
wasting the climate .... and every human >

calling on them to becoming responsible citizens !

and this is the problem > since they are insane >
they will not even discuss their problem >

but every one calling on them to becoming sane >
not to guard their vanity > cherishing their criminal behavior >
being proud of their own conceit !

is the problem !!!

just look at history .... every one calling for responsible behavior
got done away with > because the insane will not be stopped !

they are stopping every ... responsible being ... from even existing
so .... there can be no solution .... !

and what has this all .... to do with proas ?

proas have the unique potential of providing great get away sailing
of taking a look at things at a real level > with out society
taking away every responsibility > every human potential !

with their beaching capability > surfing in potential >
getting out again !

all with out turning the boat around ....
but I am finding no acceptence by society > by any one .....
because this doesnt include the economy > is creating no taxes !

doesnt waste any resources ... doesnt enslave any one ...
doesnt provide the instructions from the abc television net work !

and most of all > since there can be not solution to the world at large
there will be no ocean to sail on soon !

since it will be death and dying > having no life in it any more
only sulfor bacteria creating posionous sulfor gas !

and only on higher mountain areas > can there be life it all
since as soon as the greenland ice shelf is gone .....

and with all the sud from all the airplanes > it will be gone soon
there will be a 20’ rise in ocean level ..... every where else >

meaning all nations still existant > will be frantically fighting off
the millions of people having no land any more to live on !

so we will have ever more wasting going on >
an endless war of the home less ...

so there will be some 120� on the equatorial ocean >
at the end > even more on land

the same problem in the summer every where in the US >

at the end all of antarctica will be ice free .... creating >
up to 300’ of ocean rise .... because of geo dynamic shifting !

where as greenland and antarctica will be higher up
since all the weight of the ice is gone ....

soooo ....
we should be thinking about what we can do to prevent this
and there will be not much time left .....
all this is not my insanity ..... but you can prove this for yourself >
by just adding up > all the scientific data > all over this world .....

ready for any one to take !